🌎 Worldbuilding Tools & Resources πŸ“š

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This is my list of favourite worldbuilding tools! 🀩
I use all of these on a daily basis to develop my dark fantasy world, Melior!
I love them all so much and highly recommend every resource listed here.

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🧰 Worldbuilding Tools

For even more worldbuilding tools and in-depth tutorials,
check out these articles.

World Anvil

This is my worldbuilding tool of choice, I've been using it since 2017 and it has every feature I could ever need (all in one place).

If you want to see just a glimpse of what it can do, check out my dark fantasy worldbuilding project, Melior.

It's perfect for organizing everything and displaying it beautifully, and the community there is the most wholesome group of nerds you'll ever find. Did you know it even won a gold ENNIE Award?! 🀯

Try it for free, and if you love it as much as I do then enter promotional code MELIOR for 20% off any annual subscription (which also helps to support me, too)!

Build your world

400 Worldbuilding Prompts

I created this interactive Google Sheet packed with 400 inspiring worldbuilding prompts suitable for any project!

Every prompt is genre agnostic so that you can use it for any type of world that you're creating. There's a huge variety of prompts spanning from broad concepts to quirky and complex ideas for you to expand on!

Watch your world grow as you keep track of your worldbuilding progress! Use the notes area next to each prompt to jot down brief ideas, or use it as a place to reference where you've answered the prompt. There's also a bonus printer friendly .pdf version!

It's FREE (or pay what you want!)

Grab your copy!

πŸ’» Worldbuilding Gear

Leuchtturm1917 A5 Notebook

THIS. THIS IS THE NOTEBOOK YOU ARE LOOKING FOR. I will not recommend any other notebook than Leuchtturm1917.

The quality is fantastic, there are blank, dotted, or ruled versions, and a bunch of other colours! 🌈

I use these for my worldbuilding ideas to flow chaoticly organically.

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Uni Pin Fineliners

After years of trying different pens, these are my go-to fineliners for writing, drawing, and adding super fine details to maps (seriously, the 0.03mm nib size draws lines as thin as a hair).

They're a great price, they don't smudge, they don't bleed through the page, and they're reliable.

What more can I say? πŸ˜…

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Lenovo Flex 5

I can take it with me to worldbuild anywhere, it's lightweight and I love the sleek design.

The screen folds back on itself which means I get to horrify my friends and scare them I can use it as a tablet to draw using my Lenovo pen with the touch screen. I don't need to carry a graphics tablet with me when I'm out & about!

This has been a lifesaver in the heat of summer, too - when it's too hot to work at my desk I can just pick up my laptop and sit somewhere cool and quiet.

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Lenovo Active Pen 2

This is the stylus I use with my laptop's touch screen and means that I can use it like a graphics tablet!

It feels natural to use and has great pressure sensitivity, and the sturdy pen holder means I won't leave it behind.

My worldbuilding ideas always start out messy, and I love to frantically scribble down notes, sketches, and mind maps with ease using this pen.

It's a stylish stylus, and well worth the investment.

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πŸ“š Worldbuilding Books

For even more book recommendations and reviews tailored to their application in worldbuilding, check out these articles.

(omg there are so many this will take a while to add all the text)

If you have the option, please support your local, independant bookstores instead!

Steal Like An Artist

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Show Your Work

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Collaborative Worldbuilding

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The Planet Construction Kit

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Feck Perfuction

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Atlas Obscura

Buy on Amazon

Gastro Obscura

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Breverton's Phantasmagoria

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Breverton's Nautical Curiosities

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The Language Construction Kit

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Advanced Language Construction

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The Conlanger's Lexipedia

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The Language Lover's Puzzle Book

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Guns, Germs, & Steel

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The Clothing of the Renaissance World

cesare vecellio habiti antichi et moderni

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The Military History Book

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Cabinets of Curiosities

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